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discografia=Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew

Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew - Oh, My God! (1986)

01. Nuthin'
02. The Show (Oh, My God! - Remix)
03. Leave It Up To The Cut Professor
04. Lovin' Ev'ry Minute Of It (Cyclone Ride)
05. She Was The Type Of A Girl
06. Abortion
07. Chill Will Cuttin' It Up
08. Play This Only At Night
09. All The Way To Heaven
10. La-Di-Da-Di
11. The Show
12. Play This Only At Night (Truth Mix, The Whole Story)
01. Guess? Who?
02. Every Body Got 2 Get Some
03. D.E.F. = Doug E. Fresh
04. On the Strength
05. Keep Risin' to the Top
06. Greatest Entertainer
07. I'm Gettin' Ready
08. Cut That Zero
09. The Plane (So High)
10. Ev'rybody Loves a Star
11. Crazy 'Bout Cars
12. Africa (Goin' Back Home)
 01. D.O.A. (Introduction)
02. Bustin' Out (On Funk)
03. Get Fresh Crew
04. Back in the Dayz
05. If I Was Your Man
06. Come in from the Rain
07. I Need My Woman Tonight
08. Check It Out
09. History (Interlude)
10. Imagine Me Just Pumpin' It Up
11. You Make Me Wanna "Shout"
12. Money Grip
13. There's Nothing Better
14. I Love Myself
15. No
16. Vida Mia
17. Peace to New York
01. Where's Da Party At?
02. It's On
03. Take 'Em Uptown
04. I-ight (Allstar remix)
05. The Original Old School!
06. Freaks
07. Freak It Out!
08. It's Really Goin' On In Here
09. Who's Got All The Money?
10. Get Da Money
11. Hands In The Air
12. Doug E. Got It Goin' On
13. Keep It Going
14. Breath Of Fresh Air

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sejam bem vindos bboys

espaço reservados para tds que gostam de um som diferenciado
amantes da musica boa

salve salve!!!!!!!